Track Meet Tops Weekend at Home

Lacrosse Team Meets Powerful Williams Squad

About this time last year on the lacrosse field of Williams College, the Crimson slogged to a 6-5 win over the Ephmen in a game that was for the most, part played in a driving rain. Williams is in town today hungering for revenge. Today at 3 o'clock on the Business School Field they will try to get it.

Meanwhile, at Deerfield, George Hanford's '51 stickmen will be decided underdogs as they tangle with the powerful Green horde of Deerfield. Should the Freshmen win, Exeter will be the only major threat to an undefeated season.

Williams Strong on Attack

On the varsity scene, Williams is not coming unarmed. The Ephmen retain substantially the same squad as last season, and have come up with a former All-American attackman, Joe Merriman, to further their cause. If Williams can be said to have a strong point, it is their attack. Coach Maddux has already assigned defense star Bob Forsythe to shadow Merriman, but Merriman is only one third of the Williams front line. It promises to be a busy day for Crimson goalie Dick Bernard.

No Lineup Changes

Maddux will send into the fray the same lineup he used last week against BLC. Dick Bezanson, Charley Gregg and Dave Abbott on attack, Pal Withington, Captain Hans Estin, and Bob Lange in the midfield, and Forsythe, Bob Snow, and Jim Graham on defense

Though Estin will be at center at the bell, he will actually play most of the game on attack. Maddux retains him at center to make use of his face-off talents.