Council Calls for Re-Vote on NSA Candidates; Faculty Group Reiterates Ban on New Student

Monday Set for Balloting Date

The Student Council tossed out the results of the National Student Association election held last Thursday and voted six to three for a new College-wide balloting last night. The election will take place Monday under a new Elections Committee.

Before an open meeting audience of 50, a majority of whom were overtly antagonistic to a re-election, the Council debated what it considered to be wide-spread administrative errors at the election of delegates.

It came to its decision in spite of an unofficial decision Friday by Council President William D. Weeks '49 that "there is not sufficient cause for a new election." Last night's action was the first the Council has taken on the matter.

Charges Franchise Lose

Several visitors, sparked by Robert E. Evans '46, charged that a large number of undergraduates had been unable to vote because of a ballot shortage Thursday, and that proper precautions were not taken at the polls to insure a fair vote. It was stated that only 1750 students had voted.


Following the re-vote decision, the Council set up new campaigning rules for there-election in response to charges that some candidates had "violated the spirit" of College voting. These are:

1) No group may support a candidate in any way, and no individual may inour any expenses on behalf of a candidate.

2) No candidate may spend more than $10 for his campaign.

3) Any candidate who knows of or authorizes violations of these provisions shall be stricken from the ballot, or shall suffer invalidation of his election.