HLU Wins 62-61 Nod for Douglas At SDA Meeting

Liberal Union delegates to the Students for Democratic Action weekend convention in Chicago returned Monday jubilant over their success in winning the national organization's concerted support of Justice William O. Douglas for the Presidency.

Richard Hays '49 led the Douglas forces in opposition to a resolution offering equal endorsement to Eisenhower and Douglas. The latter was adopted by the national board of Americans for Democratic Action, SDA's parent body, in Pittsburgh April 10.

In the 62-61 tally of countrywide chapter representatives at the parley, it was the vote of retiring national chairman Don S. Willner '47, presiding officer at the convention, which decided the issue.

Frederic D. Houghteling '50, HLU president, captured a seat on the new SDA national board in the convention bolloting.

Williner Bows Out


Williner's successor as national chairman will be William Shore of the University of Minnesota. Shore, who served as an-SDA member of the ADA national board during the past year along with Willner, nosed out Paul Berger of the University of Chicago, recently famed in the "Veterans Against MacArthur" movement.

Vice-chairman elected were Mary Torrison of the University of Illinois; Lloyd Barbee of LeMoyne College; and Quentin Fulcher of Lincoln University.

The convention went on record in favor of the expressed political aim of Walter P. Reuther's UAW-CIO: "the formation after the 1948 national elections of a genuine progressive political party" to speak for labor-liberal forces. Chapter rank-and-file opinion on this stand will be solicited through a referendum the new national board has been instructed to conduct.