McNutt Pitches No-Hitter as Deacons Trounce Adams 2-0

When Frank McNutt, yesterday's starting pitcher for Kirkland House, planted his foot on the rubber and twirled the first ball towards an Adams House batter, little did he realize that he was to go down in inter-House baseball history for pitching a no-hit game.

But that is just what McNutt did when he led his team to a 2 to 0 win over the Gold Coasters in yesterday's tilt. However, all was not easy going for the entire nine innings. Trouble loomed in the sixth frame for the youthful pitcher, an early cut from this year's varsity nine, when the bases were loaded with only one out.

Pulling himself together with big-league coolness and composure, McNutt steadied the arm that had just walked three men in a row, and then fanned the next two batters that stepped up to the plate.

Five hits from his teammate, coupled with helpful walks from the Adams House hurler, accounted for one Kirkland run in the first inning, and anotehr in the sixth frame.

Second Tilt


This was the second game, and the second win for the Deacons. It was also McNutt's second shut-out, the first being a 6 to 0 two-hit win over Lowell in the opening game of their baseball season last Thursday. This also gives the Deacons a perfect win and loss average of 1000, and puts them just as high on the baseball ladder as they will ever get.

In the rest of the inter-House league to date this season, Winthrop has beaten Dudley, Eliot has taken its tilt with Leverett, and the softball teams of Dunster and Eliot have fought their respective ways to victories over Adams and Leverett.

Opening day crowds of 831,783 yesterday paid their way in to see the ten home inaugurals, thereby establishing a new first day record by surpassing the 1931 mark of 249,010.