Students for Eisenhower Gather in Adams Tonight

One of the College's newest political organizations, Students for Eisenhower, is rapidly completing plans for organization and canvassing drives. The group, chartered by the Council last Monday, is at present directed by a committee including Roy F. Gootenberg '50, and Frederic D. Houghteling '50.

An organizational meeting has been called for tonight at 7:30 o'clock in Adams Upper Common Room, when students interested in drafting Eisenhower for President will congregate to hear Houghteling and several as yet unnamed members of the faculty discuss the situation.

After this informal discussion of Eisenhower's political prospects and means of organizing College support for him, the group will lay its case before the public, with a canvassing campaign in all the Houses and the Yard.

Associate Dean Watson recently gave the group permission to circulate a petition, so tomorrow and Friday hordes of Eisenhower men will descend on House dining rooms to set up the usual tables and start collecting signatures.

"Button, Button . . . "


"Ike" buttons will soon be available, perhaps as early as the end of the week, for people who like to wear their heart on their lapel.

According to Gootenberg the big question in the public mind today is whether or not Eisenhower can be drafted. In answer to this question he calls attention to a reently printed article in which Leonard V. Finder, to whom Eisenhower wrote his first letter of refusal, maintains that he will permit himself to be drafted if enough pressure is brought to bear.