Police Halt Lowell Snipers After Student Is Wounded

A two-day epidemic of bee-bee shooting in a Lowell House courtyard may end in drastic disciplinary action for three trigger-happy House residents.

The students, whose names have not been released by College authorities, started early Wednesday morning by sprinkling shot over M entry, principally hitting the room of David C. Poskanzer '50.

The action was repeated Thursday night at 10:30, when Poskanzer was seated by the window chairing a Student Council committee meeting. This time flying window glass cut Poskanzer's temple, and sent the other committee men to the floor before the seven shots were over.

Other rooms in the courtyard, were reported hit, but no other complaints were registered.

Victims Give Chase

Immediately after the interruption Thursday, Poskanzer's group snapped off the lights and, peering out the window, spotted the marksmen in a nearby room. After running to the origin of the shots, however, they received only denials from the occupants of the suite.

A few minutes later University policemen apprehended the students and confiscated their rifle, which is now in the possession of police chief Alvin R. Randall.