Saltonstall Group Reconsiders Plan

Memorial Hall Addition Too Costly; Fall Meeting Likely for Group

Final decision on the University's World War II Memorial will not come before October, when full architectural advice has received consideration, Henry C. Clark '11, Secretary to the joint Associated Harvard Clubs-Alumni Association Committee charged with the choice, said yesterday. His statement accompanied release of a formal interim report of the Committee's progress by chairman Leverett Saltonstall '14.

Since the Committee's February 29 recommendation for an auditorium addition to Memorial Hall together with a basement student-activities center, Saltonstall declared, investigation has shown that "these memorials could not be constructed except for a sum considerably above" the specified $750,000 limit of a memorial fund-raising drive.

"The Committee," Saltonstall went on, "therefore will be forced to undertake further study before recommending any plan."

Senator Saltonstall emphasized that he would push for a meeting "just as soon as it is feasibly possible" and had "strongly urged each committee member to continually analyze and consider every modification in the plan proposed at the last meeting."

Clark explained yesterday that the next meetings of the directing groups of the Associated Harvard Clubs and the Alumni Association would take place today for the latter and on May 15 for the former--in both cases too early for submission of a final report.

Fall Meeting Probable

No meeting will then occur until late in October. Clark considered it a safe prediction that the Memorial Committee itself would not convene before the start of the fall.

Representatives of the Alumni Committee for a Memorial Activities Center, a body of younger graduates which has led the campaign for the "utilitarian" memorial, are constantly working with Committee architects Coolidge, Shepley, Bullfinch, and Abbott and are assisting in evolution of the plans.

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