Yardlings Set to Bash Tufts Team Today in Lacrosse

Ten men with sticks will line up on Soldiers Field this afternoon at 4 o'clock and try to better their already acceptable record of three wins and one defeat. The Yardling lacrosse team is out for blood, and a victory over Tufts' Freshmen.

George Hanford's stalwart stick-wielders have high hopes of ther ability to beat the Tufts men, after a promising informal game yesterday with the Boston Lacrosse Club, and the walloping they gave to New Hampshire last Saturday. Tufts was recently mangled, 18 to 0 by Exeter.

Thayer and Fortmiller Captains

Game captains Ed Thayer and Fred Fortmiller will lead an almost complete team onto the field today. In the nets will be Sid Clark, recently converted hockey goalie, playing his first season of lacrosse. The defense has been reduced to four by the loss of Fred Coburn, who has been jarred out of his sense of balance. The remaining quartet of Clark Cowen, Steve Goodhue, newcomer dick Hansen, and Ed Talbot can probably handle the job.

Midfield Trio


Ranging around at midfield is the competent and veteran trio of John Cowles, Bill Graham, and Bernio McGuire, while Ed Thayer, as leading replacement, is expected to play as much as any of the starters.

Up front at attack, Hanford may cast his lot with Rick Hudner, Bill Plissner, and Dick Post, but can always fall back on a whole crew of effective men to take up a stick at the slightest provocation.