Rival GOP Camps Gird for Tonight's Mock Convention

Republicans are pacing the floors today waiting for this evening's GOP mook convention in New Lecture Hall. There's no mistaking the fact that the various candidate boosters are staking their entire campaigns on the results, and they are on edge.

Some of them are also sticking their necks way out in predicting successes for their favorites. "Dowey is a cinch by the fourth ballot," according to John L. Casey 3L, his local campaign manager. Casey predicted that the Dewey bandwagon would get rolling by the second roll-call, and that the Nw York Governor would garner the nomination victory "with little trouble."

But Daniel M. Pierce '49, president of the Stassen Club, called this a ridiculous possibility. "Stassen will sweep the convention," he confidently stated.

Taft is not exactly the darkest horse that ever ran in a convention, according to his boosters. "He'll pull through with flying colors," they curtly promise.

In the face of all this optimism, William A. Rusher 3L, president of the Young Republican Club, felt it necessary to repeat that "only one person will or can win--no matter how long or how hot the battle may rage at tonight's convention.

"I'm certainly glad to see such enthusiasm and confidence aroused by the Republican candidates," Rusher went on, "but the Club itself will not support any one of then until the national convention this June."

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