Tennis and Lacrosse Squads Triumph

Ten Edges Tufts, 7-5, in Loose Game

Maybe it was spring fever, but the lacrosse team had an off day yesterday. Fortunately for the Maddux forces, the group they faced was from Tufts, not Dartmouth, so the stick handlers scraped up a 7 to 5 win.

Sloppy play is the best way to describe the Varsity's efforts yesterday. They controlled the ball most of the game, took a total of thirty-six shots (of which only seven landed), but never could work together long enough to build up the commanding lead they seemed capable of.

Captain Hans Estin was again the offensive star of the game. He scored four of the goals, and made one assist. Dick Bezanson, Austie Lyne, and Bob Lange made the other tallies. But the big surprise came when, for the second straight game, big Bob Forsythe came booming up from defense to register and assist.

It was a rough game, mainly because the players discovered they could get away with a trip or a slash now and then. However, when Charley Gregg collected a two minute sentence for trying to dent a Tufts player's helmet, most of the Crimson violence evaporated.

Tuft's All-American Ed Sigler lived up to his press clippings by scoring two of the Jumbo scores and assisting in a third. But the rest of the Medford team looked merely mediocre.

The Harvard players; Bernard, Louria, Forsythe, Snow, Allen, Lange, Abbot, Estin, Gregg, Withington, Kegg, Page, Fuller, Chamberlain, Davidson, Graham.