Wellesley Hoops Set to Roll

Senior Handicap Saturday

Wellesley athletes took a wary look at the troubled skies last night, uttered a few choice but lady-like oaths at the weatherman, and retired to their respective training tables for a last minute tune-up in preparation for Saturday's hoop race.

The annual maiden handicap will be run from the foot of Tower Court hill to the Chapel. Starters affirm that the race will be held as announced no matter how many obstacles the local weather bureau decides to provide.

Last year's race was postponed Saturday after Saturday in deference "to inclement weather."

280 Go To Post

At 7:15 o'clock tomorrow morning, about 280 members of a senior class of 350 will gather in flat-hats and discreetly pinned-up graduation gowns to roll their hoops and propel their forms across the hilly Waban track.


The winner takes a purse reputed to contain a promise of an early marriage certificate. Married and engaged Wellesleyites, pushing baby-carriages instead of hoops, will be running for the fun of it.

Early Risers

Sophomore "little sisters" of the running Seniors will arise in the wee hours to save front row starting positions for their sponsors.

The hoops, varying in size from large to small in order to fit the techniques of the entrants, are handed down from class to class.

Pre-race dope was inconclusive, according to a late poll conducted by Waban touts. "With all the classy form I've seen this week," one freshman said, "I'd hate to put my money on anybody, You never can tell about these things."