Old Dominion Foundation Grants $5,000 to Salzburg

Less than a month after receiving $13,000 from the Rockefeller Foundation, the Student Council's Salzburg Seminar yesterday reaped $5,000 more from the Old Dominion Foundation of New York.

The Foundation will consider renewal of the grant, which is the gift of Paul Mellon, next year, Clemens Heller 2G, executive secretary, added in reporting the donation.

Recent gifts from individuals included $6,000 from Mrs. Emmons Blaine and $1,000 from Gordon McCormick, both of Chicago. These latest grants give the Seminar a 832 receive fund.

"This plays only a small part in filling the overall needs of European students." Heller added as he urged the student body to give its full support to the current food relief drive.

Faculty Offers Books


In addition to the money grants, members of the University faculty are contributing copies of their own books in an effort to build up a permanent library at the Seminar's Leopoldskron headquarters. Heller announced that C. Crane Brinton '19. McLean Professor of Ancient and Modern History. P. O. Matthiessen, professor of History and Literature Clyde K. M. Blackholm, professor of Anthropology, and Summer H. Slichter, Lament University Professor, have taken part in the movement.

Heller journeyed to Washington last night to secure a passport before sailing at noon today for Europe should the Queen Mary.