HTW Men Buy Brattle Hall Theater

Present Policy Will Be Continued Until Next Year

Lured by the prospect of operating their own repertory company, four members of the Theater Workshop have independently bought the Brattle Hall Theater from the Cambridge Social Union.

Through the transaction completed March 29, Robert Fletcher Keahey '45, Jerome T. Kilty '50, Thayer David ocC, and Albert Marre 1L take over full control of the property. They will continue to rent it out to visiting companies until June 1949, at which time rehearsal starts on their own productions.

"We plan to operate on a system similar to that of the Old Vic," Marre stated, "presenting mostly classical plays." He explained that the group would completely renovate the theater, construct its own props and scenery, and engage professional equity companies. "We've all had considerable experience," Marre added, "and we intend to put our productions on a purely professional basis."

Ventilator Planned

Koahey mentioned that they were thinking of founding a theater school through which aspiring Thespians could glean a working knowledge of the stage.


The only immediate change will be the installation of an air-cooling unit sometime this Spring in case the theater is operated on a summer playhouse basis.

All four principles in the transaction are scheduled to appear in the HTW production of "Richard II," but they insist that their new connection with the Brattle Theater will in no way affect these plans.

No price was revealed for the purchase.