Students Form Group to 'Save The Peace'

Seek Broad Support For Platform, Rally

Alarm over the "present war hysteria" led to the organization of a "Save the Peace" action committee yesterday afternoon in a meeting at Phillips Brooks House.

Originally sponsored by a core of 30 students, many of them leading members of College religious, political, and other organizations, the group added 50 names last night to the roll of students pledging support for their basic program and "Save the Peace" rally of April 16.

Platform Oppose Draft

Backers of "Save the Peace" include Manny Margolis 1G, Jerome T. Kilty '50, Ernest M. Howell '47, William D. Brown '46, Mendy Weisgal 1G, Noel D. Lee '46, and Burton S. Glinn '46. Their brief platform states: "We want peace. We oppose the present war hysteria in the government and the press. We oppose UMT and the draft because they are war measures."

The National Youth Committee for Wallace has designated next week, which begins with the anniversary of Franklin Roosevelt's death, as appropriate for campus "Save the Peace" demonstrations. While joining in the national movement, the Harvard group in an executive statement last night disclaimed official connection, stressing their desire to keep membership open to all students willing to underwrite the minimum platform quoted above.


Yesterday's meeting set the wheels in motion for a mass parade and rally to climax an active campaign next week to mobilize student and community support for the peace program. Further plans for "Save the Peace" activity will be proposed at the first membership meeting of the new group, to be held Monday afternoon in PBH