Employees of N.Y. Harvard Club Resume Work Monday

NEW YORK, April 30--All 120 locked-out employees of the Harvard Club here will go back to work Monday.

Workers will return under the old contract, which precipitated the 42-day conflict, while a union-management committee undertakes a month-long study of conditions in the entire club industry. Negotiations for a new contract will resume after the study.

The union requested this armistice plan after slowly deteriorating State Mediation Board proceedings had fizzled with a Club rejection of the Board's suggestion of arbitration. Agreement on the temporary settlement was reached yesterday, the Board announced.

Contract Still Distant

How much time will elapse before a new contract is drawn up is a matter of conjecture. A spokesman of Local 8, Hotel and Club Employees Union, AFL, has predicted that it will be at least two and a half months, but other observers have set a lower estimate.


Whatever wage and hour changes go into the new settlement will not be retroactive to the time of the lock-out, March 18, it was learned.