Coolidge Gets Fogg Museum Director Post

Fogg Museum will get a new director this summer.

John P. Coolidge '35, assistant professor of Fine Arts, steps into museum's administrative post in July, Provost Buck announced yesterday. He succeeds Arthur Pope '01, professor of Fine Arts, who has been Director for three and a half years.

The new Director, 34-year-old specialist in the history of art and architecture, is the author of "Mill and Mansion," a study of architecture and society in Lowell, and has contributed to periodical literature on Italian architeure of the sixteenth century.

Gets Assistant Professorship

With his appointment comes promotion to the rank of associate professor.


Professor Pope will return to the active teaching staff next year, taking charge of Fine Arts 222, a seminar in Pictorial Design. He first came to Fogg in 1901 as a member of the Fine Arts Department.

Coolidge graduated from the College magna cum laude in 1935. The following year he studied architecture at Columbia and then spent two years teaching art at Vassar. In 1939 New York University gave him an A.M. in Fine Arts.

Served in Navy

During the war, the new Director was a Navy lieutenant. He taught art at the University of Pennsylvania for a year before coming back to Harvard and Quincy Street last year.

During Professor Pope's directorship, the Museum featured many student exhibits as well as a collection of paintings and sculpture representing the major historical periods of art history.

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