Nine Plays on B.U. Diamond Today

It looks like a parade of pitchers for the baseball team this afternoon. The nine goes out to Riverside at 4 o'clock for a return game with Boston University, but Coach Samborski will have the Ivy League schedule well in mind when he names his starting hurler.

With games at Princeton and Penn coming up Friday and Saturday, Dolph said said last night he would probably use his ace righthander Ira Godin today, but only for three innings. Godin will go against the Tigers this weekend.

"It's a rough schedule," said the coach, adding that erstwhile outfielder Chuck Roche and lefthander Barry Turner will probably hurl today also. Roche, who has never pitched before a home crowd, showed a good curve ball in his appearances on the road.

Crimson Won Last Time

For B.U., wily lefthander Bill Snow will probably go to the hill. If Snow has to leave, the visitors may get an-another look at Everett Dorr, and the prospects shouldn't frighten them too much. Three weeks ago on Soldiers Field, Dorr succumbed to the wind and cold weather, walking four men in the last of the ninth to hand the Crimson a close 7-6 victory.


Samborski will stand by two lineup changes made before the recent loss to Army at West Point. With catcher Armie Essayen out for at least a week and a half more with a badly sprained leg, Dolph has moved Cliff Crosby back behind the bat and has returned Ernie Mannino to shortstop.

Kenary O.K.

On the credit side, Jim Kenary has recovered from his appendectomy and may go in at left field today.

Speaking of his outfield, Samborski praised Chip Gannon for his ability to knock in runs. "He's only hitting around .250," said the coach, "but he gets them when we need them."