Ullman Becomes President of NE Geography Group

Edward L. Ullman, assistant professor of Regional Planning, became president of the New England Conference of Geography last weekend. The meetings of the society would be held at Harvard next year.

Last winter, the administration notified Ullman that his appointment in the department of Geology and Geography would terminate in 1949. The action was followed by the elimination of Geography as a field of concentration.


Ullman's appointment in Regional Planning was not affected by the February move.

The New England Conference is a regional affiliate of the National Council of Geography Teachers.

The meeting which elected Ullman was held Saturday at Wellesley. More than 300 geographers from the New England area were present.

Meanwhile Alexander H. Rice '98, professor of Geography and Director of the Institute of Geographical Exploration, declared that "Harvard is better equipped to teach the different parts of geography, than probably any other university in the United States."

He deplored the administration decision to abolish concentration in geography, because, he said, "it will keep desirable men away from the University."