Ten Crews Battle For Sprint Crown

Heats Will Determine Six Finalists; Freshmen, Jayvees Also Race

Complete list of starting times and lanes for tomorrow's races appears on page four of today's Crimson.

Those who like to spend their time lolling on a river-bank watching others work will have the best opportunity in years tomorrow, when ten top eastern crews convene on the Charles for the Eastern Intercollegiate Sprint Championship.

No less than 28 shells will wend their way over a 2000 meter sprint course, beginning at 10 o'clock with the first Freshman heat and continuing, with a mid-afternoon pause, until the final Varsity race at 6:30 o'clock in the evening.

B.U., Columbia, Harvard, M.I.T., Navy, Penn, Princeton, Rutgers, Syracuse, and Yale all will be present for the festivities, although Rutgers will not enter a Jayvee representative, and Syracuse, has no Freshman entry.

Finish by Howard Johnson's


The races, which begin above West End Bridge and end just above Howard Johnson's on Memorial Drive, will be held in a series of heats, the first three shells in each heat qualifying for the finals in the afternoon.

Barring quirks of fate or sudden pestilence, Harvard should be a cinch to qualify for the finals, at least at the Varsity level. Neither the Crimson Jayvees nor the Freshmen have proved such strong contenders to date, however, and will have to exert themselves strenuously to stay in the running.

Tom Bolles, cautions as always, is careful to point out that a race as short as 2000 meters (39 feet less than a mile and a quarter) is not always a fair test of the best crew. One small mistake can wreek the plans of any coach.

With Council busy in Wisconsin, the Crimson Varsity is in as good a position as any boat around to ride home the winner for the second straight year.

The first heat will pit the Crimson against B.U., Rutgers, Penn, and Yale. Rutgers pulled up a lame third against the Crimson on Lake Carnegie two weeks ago, with Penn in the same position last week. B.U., a novice in the art of crew, is not looked upon with fear, leaving Yale as the only strong contender.

Bolles may tell stroke Bill Curwen to take life easy in the first heat. A finish in the first three would leave Harvard with plenty of strength left over for the final.

This latter race, in all probability, will see Navy and Penn, (both out for revenge), Princeton, (whose 12-inch defeat hardly relegates it to a second-class naval power), Yale, and Syracuse (which lost to Cornell by about the same dis- tance as did Harvard), all in contention against the Crimson.

NEW HAVEN, May 13 (AP) Four of Yale's eight varsity oarsmen were reported today to be recovering from grippe as the Blue crew propared to head for Cambridge, Mass., and the important Eastern Association of Rowing Colleges regatta.

Coach Allen Walz said, "I'm not certain what we will do. I don't know whether any of the four will be able to row on Saturday.