Red Book Loses Funds in $200 Thayer Hall Robbery

Toomey Hot on the Trail

A set of fingerprints may capture the thief that made off Wednesday night with $160 worth of Red Book funds and $40 private cash belonging to occupants of Thayer 46.

The robbery was termed an "inside job" by Sergeant Toomey and the two victims, William G. B. Graham '51 and John Cowles '51. While they were out at the movies and their third roommate visiting across the ball, two strongboxes were removed from the room. The one belonging to Graham contained $60 in cash and close to $100 in checks that had been collected for Red Book subscriptions in North Thayer.

Sleuth Finds Fingerprints

Cowles' strongbox held $40 in cash and, what he termed, "a great many valuable papers."

Sergeant Toomey discovered no foot-prints outside the first-floor windows, but did find a set of fingerprints in the desk drawer of James P. Morton '51, the third roommate. These are now being checked against national flies in Washington.


Red Book Unscathed

Graham felt certain that the loss of the $160 would not seriously harm the Red Book's operations this year, and Miles I. Levine '51, Business Manager, backed him in this assumption. "All we would really lose is the $60 cash," Levine explained, "as we have had payment cancelled on all the checks."

He went on to add that perhaps a few extra advertisements might be added to the Red Book to help "even things up," but hastened to make clear that the publication date would not be affected at all by the robbery.

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