Indians Conquer Varsity Nine, 9-6; Eliot, Adams, Puritan Eights Win

Adams Time Best in Inter-House Battles

A rollicking tailwind acted the part of an outboard motor as the first act of the Interhouse crew competition yesterday afternoon on a slect-gray, sun-washed Charles River.

Eliot showed expected power, if not its customary smooth form, in beating Dunster by two and a half lengths in the first heat of the day. Kirkland played policeman, finishing about an equal distance behind the mighty Funster eight.

Lowly-touted Adams won an unexpected victory over Lowell and Leverett in the second race, and turned in the best time of the day in the process. The three boats crossed the finish line separated by only a length apiece, the winner being clocked at 4:14.

On the way downstream for the start of the last heat of the afternoon, Winthrop's stroke "Dunc" McCollester broke his oar in a fit of youthful exhuberance, delaying the race till the late supper hour. It proved to be an ill omen for hapless Dudley's octet, which chopped its way past the white flag roughly a minute after Winthrop.

In other, greener fields, Dunster's pickup hardball team lambasted Winthrop, 6 to 2, and, in softball, Leverett whipped Adams, 15 to 10.