Deacons, Eliot And Puritans Win in Crew

Winthrop nosed out the Dunster eight by about the width of a dirty sweat sock yesterday in the most closely contested intramural crew heat of the day. The margin of victory was so small that even the winning crow, clocked at 4:28, was in some doubt as to which shell had crossed the line first.

Leverett earned show money, finishing about a length of open water behind the winner. The Bunnies got off to a bad start when their port side locked oars in a loving embrace with Dunster's starboard.

Eliot Wins Again

In the second race, Eliot and Adams were deck and deck in the stretch when a Gold Coaster caught a crab, enabling the hard-pressed Mastodons to win by a length. Their time of 4:26 was the fastest of the day. Dudley's creaking, leaking hull finished third by about six lengths.

Kirkland Also Wins


Kirkland chopped its way over the three-quarter mile course in the afternoon's third match, edging Lowell by less than a length.

In baseball yesterday, Dudley trimmed Lowell, 4 to 2, behind the five-hit pitching of John Wood, while Kirkland battered Eliot, 18 to 1. Leveret tied Adams, 3 to 3, in a game that was called at the end of six innings.