Tennis Team Faces Indians

Last year's Crimson tennis squad trounced Dartmouth. Today Jack Barneby's setmen journey to Hanover with much the same lineup, and Barnaby prophesies, as is his custom, another win.

But no one knows what's been happening in the New Hampshire hills this spring. Coach Barnaby thinks his squad is stronger than last year, but as for the Indians, only tomorrow will tell.

Ted Backe will once again be in the number one court this afternoon. Following him, the starting lineup is Steve Pratt, Vinco Brandt, Bill Wightman, Bud Ager, and Ted Bullard.

If the team sweeps the singles, Barnaby may give the up-and-coming doubles combination of Hilliard Hughes and Charlie Ames a chance to atone for their loss against Penn on Saturday. If things look close, the regular lineup of Backe and Brandt, Pratt and Wightman, and Bullard and Ager will face the Indians.

'51 Also Meets Green


The Freshmen also go up against the men from Hanover this afternoon. Starting will be Robb, Tobias, Gordon, Price, Reese, and Bacon, with Robb and Reese, Bacon and Price, and Edison and Clark comprising the doubles set-up.

Barnaby will not travel northward with his team to the Dartmouth contest.