2250 Get Degrees Tomorrow

297th Graduation Opens Program

The largest Commencement procession in University history will begin its march through the Yard shortly after 10 o'clock tomorrow morning, when more than 2250 students in all departments are slated to to receive degrees in the 297th Commencement Exercises.

This awarding of academic honors will be the central feature of the traditional program, which will include also the awarding of honorary degrees, three Commencement parts, a series of lunches in or around the Yard for close to 75 reuning classes, and a full afternoon of Alumni proceedings.

As in past years, the Commencement procession will assemble in the outer Yard about 10 o'clock. Led by University Overseers and the Corporation, the line of march circles the Widener steps and proceeds to the Memorial Church platform, where the High Sheriff of Middlesex County will open the proceedings.

After an opening greeting by University Marshal Reginald T. Fitz '08, three students will deliver the traditional Commencement parts. Francis J. Dimento '48 will deliver the Latin Salutatory, "De Comitiis Proximis;" James Karens '48 the English Dissertation, on "An Attitude Towards Literature;" and Harold C. Passer '43 2G an oration on "The New Dollar Diplomacy."

Following this and the presentation of the honorary degree, there will be several Alumni luncheons for the various classes. The afternoon is given over completely to the Alumni Association: George Rublee '90 will welcome all alumni as President of the Alumni Association; President Conant will report the gifts of the past year; and Governor Robert F. Bradford '23, as first Marshal of the Twenty-Fifth Class, will speak for his group.


The size of the procession in the morning is still not definite--but with the inclusion of October and February graduates, it should rank well above the previous record march of 1940.

Radio station WLAW of Lawrence will air a rebroadcast of the ceremonies tomorrow night between 10 and 10:30 o'clock to lose out the day's activities.