Also In Boston

Oklahoma!--This is the New York company in its first jaunt about the country since the show opened in New York five years ago. At the Opera House.

Boston Pops Orchestra--Paul Cherkassy conducts among other items, some Strauss waltzes, a selection from "Oklahoma," the slow movement from Tscharkowsky's fifth symphony, and Bach's Air on the G-string. At Symphony Hall.

On Our Merry Way--Everybody from James Stewart to Victor Moore is in this, which means Paulette Goddard, Henry Fonda, Fred MacMurray, and Dorothy Lamour, among others. Opens today at the Keitb Memorial.

The Noose Hangs High--Abbott and Costello are window-washers. At the Metropolitan. Last day.

Anna Karenina--Vivian Leigh and Ralph Richardson. At the Paramount and Fenway.


The Search--Two GPs in Germany find a half-starved child wandering aimlessly. Kindness and Krations suceed in recovering him from a half-animal state. An honest, touching picture, superbly acted.

Farrebique and Schoolgirl Diary make a peculiar duo at the Old South. The former is a remarkable French semi-documentary about a year of peasant life, while the latter finds new-Hollywoodized Alida Valli in carlier, or schoolgirl, costume in a poor-to-middling melodrama.

Till The Clouds Roll By--Review day at the U.T. offers what is at its best a technicolor collection of Jerome Kern's great songs. At its worst, it is only a little more awful than the various other film biographies of composers.