University Raises Fall Board Rates

Weekly Fee up 75 Cents to $12.25

Board rates for the fall term will be $12.25 per week--an increase over 1947-48 of 75 cents for the 21-meal-week.

Vice-President Edward Reynolds '15 attributed the new rates to a "substantial rise in the cost of food," and warned that the new level is by no means final. "There appears to be very little prospect of a noticeable decline in the near future, "he said.

Reynolds listed two principal reasons for the rise: The costant increase in food costs--especially meat and dairy products--and a higher wage scale for employees than previously.

(Beef and pork prices in the Chicago and Minneapolis markets reached new highs this week as midwestern live stock rates showed no signs of a cutback.)

Labor costs are 'substantially higher" than last year, Reynolds said, as are the funds which must be put into new equipment and maintenance.


No Split Contracts

Reynolds also vetoed any adoption of a 14- or 10-meal contract plan such as those which have been advocated in the past. He cited trials of these plans which showed that most students, forced to pay higher rates for full contracts, suffered by the option.