Group IV Students Eligible For Scholarships This Year

Scholarships will be available for the first time this year to Group IV students, F. S. Von Stade, '38, director of scholarships, announced yesterday. He emphasized that the additional funds would be used mostly to help those already holding grants whose grades barely fail to meet the old requirements.

More than a year of study preceded the decision, von Stade said. National Scholarship policy has followed those lines in the past, and the new committee decision was based on the hope that its complete application would reduce "grade chasing," equalize the difficulty of various courses, and make allowances for outside work and extra-curricular activities.

Von Stade pointed out that the increased student expenses this year would permit little expansion of the scholarship program. A few man, however, have already been notified of new aids for this term.

Grades Still Important

"It is not the intention of the Scholarship Committee to place less value on scholastic accomplishment," stated von Stade. "Rather, we hope to consider some students who have for various reasons been unable to produce work of honors calibre."


The new plan was first announced tentatively late last spring, but final committee approval had to wait for a study of June grades.

The National Scholarship plan, which has paid the expenses of two or three dozen outstanding men each year since 1936, has always operated on a basis which allowed some leeway in the traditional Group III ruling.