Band Will Definitely Travel To Cornell and Army Games

No Pullman Berths, but Two More Trips

Army and Cornell will hear the University Band this season after all. By a unanimous vote last night, the 127 members of "the best in the business" decided that three cheap bus trips were better than one deluxe rail junket and thereby assured Cadets and Ithacans of a chance to near "Wintergreen" on a Saturday afternoon.

Previously scheduled to make only one trip this year--that by train to Princeton--one of the largest bands in Harvard's history decided that sleeping in a bus is a small enough sacrifice to take the field before the Army Band and to play above Cayuga's Waters.

According to Band manager Joseph J. Borgatti '45, the Band will now make all three trips by bus, leaving Cambridge each Friday evening and returning after the post-game dances on Saturday.

Beds at Army

Only at Army, Borgatti said, was there a prospect for hand members to sleep in beds over the weekend. West Point has offered accommodations in return for the band's appearance at a rally Saturday morning, and for the privilege of dancing to swing contingents of Crimson musicians.


Low bank accounts had fostered a Spring prediction that even the traditional prediction that even the traditional Princeton trip might have to be cancelled. HAA aid and $1200 in donations later assured the band of the wherewithall to get to Nassau by train.

At the Columbia game this Saturday, formations and stunts of the Harvard Band will be telecast over the entire East Coast, Borgatti said last night, along with the coverage of the game it-self.