Four Coop Bandits Get 20-25 Years

". . . Remove them as menaces for a long period"

Four hold-up men who last January robbed $50,000 from the Harvard Coop were sentenced last night to 20 to 25 years apiece at hard labor. The men were found guilty in Middlesex Court of armed robbery by a jury which wrangled for five hours and 46 minutes before reaching a verdict.

The guilty are Nicholas Mavrides, 39, Prince st., and Theodore W. Voutritsa, 37, Concord ave., both of this city, Anthony Novicki, 31, Dedham and Jacob (Jack) Lewis, 47, South End, Boston.

Each man heard Judge Lewis Goldberg grant Assistant District Attorney Lyman C. Sprague's request for the maximum penalty without emotion. A moment later, however, Lewis made a break for freedom as court officers were slipping on the handcuffs.

Sent to State's Prison

With a roar, 200 officials and spectators leaped to their feet. Two court officers jumped on Lewis and pummeled him until he submitted. The other defendants quietly surrendered to the court officers, who led them to the county jail.


If no appeal is forthcoming, the four will shortly begin terms at Massachusetts State Prison, Charlestown.

Citing the long criminal records of the defendants, the judge said, "Nothing in the records of any one of them warrants the belief that they will ever be useful or be anything but a menace to society. They will receive a sentence which will remove them as a menace for a long period."