Round Robin Plan Voted

Protests that it's "not as fair" have prevailed upon Dolph Samborski to for-sake his "league plan" for Inter-House football and return to the usual round-robin system, it was reported yesterday.

As over 100 men turned out for House grid practice yesterday, Samborski and House secretaries conferred in an attempt to work out a method of playing that will minimize accidents.

Finally acceptable to Samborski and the Hygiene Department is a more carefully scheduled round-robin conference.

Under the new plan, games will not start until October 13, thereby insuring a more thorough conditioning period. In conjunction with this, Samborski set October 6 as deadline for House football candidates to appear for practice.

Schedule Incomplete


The official schedule is not yet completed, but each team will play at least once, and occasionally twice a week throughout the five-week season. When only one contest is held each week, ten-minute quarters will be allowed. If two games fall in the same week, quarters in each contest will be eight minutes long.

In protesting the twin-league system proposed by Samborski, the House Athletic Directors pointed out that one loss and a tie would automatically prevent any squad from finishing higher than fifth place at the end of the season.

In the eight-team round-robin, no eleven can be counted out of first division until its schedule is half completed. Every squad is at least assured of a match against every other House.