Crimson Yardling Squad Outswims BU Team, 54-21

Sweeping first and second places in five events, Bill Brooks' freshman swimming squad took its second victory of the season by sinking Boston University 54 to 21 Saturday afternoon in the Blockhouse.

The first-termers from across the Charles looked like competition in only two events--the dive and the 200-yd. freestyle relay, both of which they won. The latter, a thrilling race from start to finish, grew more exciting as the Crimson almost came from behind.

The summaries:

50-yd, Freestyle won by Fleischer (h); second, Coe (H); third, Lunt (BU): time--26:2. 100-yd. Breaststroke won by Siener (H); second, Brown (H); third, Fearn (BU): time--1:13. 200-yd Freestyle won by Ackerman (H); second, MacKahnn (H); third, Sheehy (BU): time--2:18.1. 100-yd. Backstroke won by Baublin (H); second, Hartwell (H); third, Thorton (BU): time--1:10.

100-yd. Freestyle won by Stround (H); second, Freedman (H); third, Burns (BU): time--56.7. 150-yd. Individual Mcdley Relay won by Wheeler (H); second, Taylor (BU); third, Fearn (BU); time--1:57.4. Dive won by Callery (BU); second, Sandberg (H); third Johnson (H): winner's points--66.5 150-yd. Medley Relay won by Harvard(Dorris, Hurwitz, Burg): time--1:32.6. 200-yd. Freestyle Relay won by BU (Eldridge, Gagnon, Sheehy, Read): time--1:57.8.