Practice Meet Shows Varsity Lacks Speed

Our fellows didn't look too good," was all track coach Jaakko Mikkola had to say after Saturday's practice meet at Briggs Cage between the Crimson, Boston University, and Northeastern.

Mikkola was referring specifically to the middle distance events, the 600, 1000, and three-quarter mile. Not a single Harvard entry scored in these races. As in last month's meet between the three colleges, the Crimson's big wallop was supplied by its traditionally virile weightmen.

Strong in Weights

Bob Forsyth, Howard Reed, and Harold Ziron swept the 35-pound weight throw again, and Don Trimble and Jerry Kanter took first and third in the 16-pound shot. Forsyth, who turns only once before throwing, hit 51 feet, 3 7/8 inches, and Trimble snapped the shot 47 feet, 6 1/8 inches.

On the cinders, Harvard superiority faded. Only in the 40-yard dash were Mikkola's runners able to keep up with their opponents. In this race, Pat McCormick, Murray Pearlstoin, an ineligible transfer student, and Harvey Thayer grabbed 1-2-3, although some observers thought Thayer had hit the yarn first.

Up and Over

Best performances of the afternoon came in the exhibition pole vault and weight throw. In the former, Olympic vaulter A. Richmond (Boo) Morcom beat out Harvard's 1946 IC4A champion Pete Harwood with a hoist of 14 feet. "The barefoot boy from New Hampshire" was invited to come here by Sam Felton, who took time out from his studies at the Business School to heave the 35-pound weight 54 feet, 11 3/4 inches.