B. C. Thwacks Hockey Team, 8-5; Brown Bows to Swimmers, 45-30

Eagles in Easy Victory As Defense Droops

Twelve times one or more Boston College players circumvented the varsity defense, swept down on embattled goaile Phil Clark and shot. Four times they recored, and adding these charity points to the four earned goals, B.C. fashioned an 8 to 5 win over the Crimson at the Arena last night.

There was nothing wrong with the varsity attack last night which could not be attributed to the three week layoff. The Crimson third line looked better than at any time this season. Center Doug Anderson picked up two goals, Joe Kittredge an assist, and George Loring another goal. They passed well, pounced on rebounds, and showed little respect for highly touted Eagle defenseman Butch Songin.

But the Harvard defense left much to be desired. The Crimson players bunched consistently in front of their own cage, getting in each other's way, blocking goalie Clark's view and leaving the B.C. skaters to whip around and score. Good hockey teams have one or two men playing the point to block shots; the Crimson always had four milling around. Then, when the team was on the attack, the defensemen frequently overcommitted themselves leaving the goal virtually unprotected.


All this week the local papers have been meaning that the B.C. team was hopelessly crippled, that they would be cold most for the first merely average team that came along. Last night's game proved otherwise. Instead of fretting about his injured players and trying to construct three lines and two defenses, Eagle coach Snooks Kelley merely reduced the number of skaters. He operated with just two lines and alternated three defensemen--those nine players showed themselves to be probably the best collegiate hockey team in the East.

B.C. mentor Kelley didn't take very long to spot the Crimson weakness at defense. The last forty minutes found Eagle Jack Mulhern loitering around behind the Crimson defenders and snaring breakaway passes from his own defensemen. Mulhern scored three times as did his teammate Warren Lewis.

Yet even in defeat, the team showed considerable promise. They scored five times; after the sloppy first period, the team met B.C. goal for goal; and goalie Phil Clark made 25 saves, almost all of them difficult. Period  1  2  3 t Boston College  3  2  3 8 Harvard  0  2  3--5

The Harvard scoring: First period--none; second period--Loring, Anderson; third period--Anderson, D. Key, Allen.