Two Europe Study Groups Remain Open

Two summer seminars on political, economic, and social conditions in Europe will open to University members this July. New York's New School for Social Research and San Francisco State College announced yesterday.

Professor Alfred G. Fisk, leader of the San Francisco group, said that he "would be more than glad to have Harvard facfulty and graduate students" apply to him for places on the 22-man study tour. The trip will cover western Europe except for Spain, Norway, and the Benelux nations, leaving from New York June 27 or July 3.

The New School will conduct its summer session in three European cities, with three groups of 70 students spending two weeks each in an English industrial city, in Paris, and in Aunecy, France. The program includes short expeditions all over Europe.

The first New School group, consisting mainly of instructors, will leave July 5; the second, open to college juniors and seniors, July 6; and the third, limited to graduate students, July 15. Applications can be obtained from the New School, 66 W 12 st., New York City.

Total individual costs for the San Francisco project will probably come to $1150, Fisk estimated. This figure will include all transportation, room and board, and a moderate amount of entertainment at the theater and the opera.


The New School placed the figure for its seminar at about $850.