Idler Club Workshop Offers One-Act Play

Radcliffe's Idler players will open their season at 4 p.m. Wednesday in Agassiz Theater with a one-act offering entitled "The Faraway Princess."

Set at an inn on a mountain in Germany, the simple tragedy is wound about the theme of a poet looking for a dream, and a princess looking for reality.

Workshop productions give Idler candidates an opportunity to act before becoming full members and eligible for the major club productions. The Workshop will produce another one-act play in November.

All-Freshman Cast

The all-candidate, all-freshman cast for the "Princess" will include Isabel Fulton as the princess; Betsy Brown, the Bareness von Brock; Martha Fontek, Lady von Haeldorf; Nene Collins, Milly; Carrio Sue Wright, Mrs. Lindeman; Florence Potter, Rosa; and Elizabeth Richards in the one male role as the student.

Dorit Selig '50 is Workshop chairman and Carole LeCasio '50 will direct the play.