Ticket Bureau Starts Well; Bingham Sees Grim Future

Two days of helping students swap football tickets amongst themselves has proves the Student Council's newest bureau a popular innovation, Thomas A. Unverferth '51, co-chairman of the Student Welfare Committee, said last night.

But William J. Bingham '16, Director of Athletics, predicted the the new ticket exchange information service will turn into a headache.

Since the buyer of a non-transferable student ticket is held responsible for what happens to it, Bingham said that the new bureau may cause students to be blacklisted by the Athletic Association, by offering scalpers easy means of access to their choice seats.

The H.A.A. deprives a student of special privileges and class priority if a ticket sold him turns up in the hands of a broker or scalper, whether or not the student himself negotiated the actual transfer.

In addition federal tax laws require the payment of additional tax of 20 per cent on resale of a ticket above the original purchase price. State law prohibits the unlicensed "business" of selling rights of admission to public amusements at above 50 cents over the original cost.

West Point athletic authorities returned 2000 seats to Saturday's game to the H.A.A. yesterday. The tickets, for sections 11 and 12 will go on sale at the H.A.A. as soon as they arrive today.