Debaters Argue Cadets on Education Aims Tonight

The Harvard Debate Council meets Army tonight in the Winthrop Junior Common Room to argue the advantages of a West Point education as compared to a Harvard education.

The discussion, which will be open to the general public, will also be carried over WHRB beginning at 8 p.m. A public question period will probably follow.

William C. Becker '51, Robert W. Kratz '51, and K. Bruce Friedman '50 are the orators who will carry the ball for Harvard's side of the topic. Melvin L. Zurier '50, President of the Debate Council, will act as moderator for the discussion.

One member of each team will give a five minute introductory talk explaining the position taken by the two squads. Following these, there will be a 30 minute moderated round table discussion in which both sides will present their pertinent remarks. Finally, each team will make a two minute summary of its position in relation to the remarks of the other team, and will try to reach a constructive conclusion.

It is hoped that Colonel Johnson, faculty advisor of the West Point team, and a Harvard faculty member will add their remarks to those of the opposing speakers. The Colonel, who once did graduate work at Harvard, says this subject is a favorite with him.

Last year, a televised discussion on a similar subject was held by these same two schools. The Harvard arguments centered around an attack on West Point's regimentation and lack of individual initiative.