Student Employment Office Finds Jobs Faster with New Type of Files

The Student Employment Office has started to use a new system of cataloguing job opportunities which will enable it to find jobs for students faster.

"We made a list of every kind of job we could think of," said Director John W. Holt in announcing the new program. "Under each kind of job," he explained, "we put down all the people in the Boston area who can provide it."

"When a student applies to us for a job," Holt continued, "all we have to do is look in our new file under his particular skill or job-preference. The rest is simply a matter of telephoning the people listed under that category."

Under the old system, when a student applied for a job, he wrote what he wanted to do on a card and a member of the Employment Office staff called up anybody he thought might supply a job of that sort.

Holt explained that the old system was too much hit or miss.