Lining Them Up

Cross Country

Why anybody should want to spend a crisp fall afternoon running four and one-half miles on the brails at Franklin Park has long puzzled sports cycle. This form of amusement, loosely-labeled "cross-country", running, is as for from their idea of fun as washing is to "Bathless" Groggings.

Jaakke Mikkola's cross-country squad, however, despite a recent history of defeat plled on defeat, continues to roll on. Well over the required 12 men need to filed a team are working out every afternoon for the varsity, and an even larger number is on hand to swell the freshman ranks.

Already defeated this season by Tufts and Rhode Island State, the varsity is working doubly hard this week. Like a losing poker player who doesn't dare drop, the team is hoping to make its comeback bid later in the game. For the team, a win over the Indians would more than even the season's record. Anything after that is sheer profit, like a win over Yale or something else similar that you just don't talk about out loud.

Dave Gregory, last year's freshman captain, is the number one Crimson hope. Grogery has paced the team in both its meets so far, leading it to victory over Holy Cross in last week's triangular meet that included Rhode Island State's overpowering squad. Owen Edmonds, another sophomore, carries a large lead of responsibility, according to Coach Mikkola. Dave Calrns and John Panky also appear vitally necessary for the Crimson, as de Dick White and Captain Joe Leeming.

Had not Leeming injured his foot in practice several weeks ago, the Crimson's record might be somewhat better this season. But if he can return to action against Dartmouth tomorrow, Joe is sure to give the team a lift.

Al Masters, Buddy Rosen, Bill Baker, and Ronnie Berman are other names which also grace the cross-country roster. A spattering of other sophomores--Clarke Coggeshall, Bill Everett, and John Lovewell--add a note of optimism for next year if not for tomorrow's meet.