Harriers Face Mass. U. with Full Strength

Captain Joe Leeming will be running when the Varsity cross country team meets the University of Massachusetts at 3 p.m. today in Franklin Park, Boston. Coach Jaakko Mikkola said last night the Leeming was out of condition last week when he placed 15th against Dartmouth in his first start of the season.

Mikkola added that Leeming has greatly improved in practice this week. Before Dartmouth, Leeming had not done any running because of a foot injury early in the year.

Also running for the Crimson will be Dave Gregory, last year's Freshman captain. He has finished first for the team in all three starts this season. Others to see action tomorrow include mainstays Owen Edmonds, John Pankey, and Bill Everett.

The University of Massachusetts, according to Mikkola, has a good squad this year. Last year's team was a very good one, and many of their best men are back this season.

The lineup for Harvard: Joe Leeming, Dave Gregory, Owen Edmonds, John Pankey, Bill Everett, Bill Baker, Dick White, Al Masters, Ronnie Berman, Clarke Goggeshall, Red Leavitt, and Buddy Rosen.