YP Slates Rally Against Peekskill Concert Violence

Eyewitness Stories of Robeson Concert, Recordings of Riot Planned for Tuesday Meeting

Records of the riot and speeches by eyewitnesses and performers will highlight a Young Progressives-sponsored "Peekskill protest rally and meeting" in Kirkland Junior Common Room Tuesday evening.

The Progressives, who scheduled their rally last night as a protest against attempts to break up Paul Robeson's open-air concert last August, will listen to actual recordings of the riot noise itself and hear Father Clarence Duffy of Kilmore, Eire, speak on his refusal to answer violence with violence.

Planist Speaks

Miss Ray Lev, pianist and former American Labor Party candidate for the New York City Council, and William Patterson, executive secretary of the Civil Rights Congress, which sponsored the Robeson concert, will also speak. Miss Lev, who was one of the performers at the Peekskill concert, and Patterson both saw the riot and will give eyewitness accounts.

Emmanuel Margolis, teaching fellow in Government and chairman of the Rally Committee, said the rally was "an attempt to alert the campus to the real meaning of such incidents for students."


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