First Botanic Houses Open In One Week

Inspection of New Project Is Limited to Those Who Are Veterans in the University

The former Botanical Gardens, new almost completely converted into a "choice residential section" will be opened for inspection to veterans who are members of the University, within a week, Edward L. Francis '28, of the Hunneman real estate office announced last night.

Although the official opening date had been set for November 1, an accumulation of construction difficulties have delayed the builders no that only the unit on Linnuean and Garden Streets will be ready this week. There are four units all together.

Veterans Get Priority

The project, a private University enterprise, will be open to veterans at Harvard, general University personnel, and the public, in that order.

Francis said that enough veteran applications have already been received to fill the entire first unit, and although the price scale for the suites runs from $115 to $190, he expects to draw largely on the University for the 125 available rooms.

The suites offered range from one bedroom to three bedrooms with living room, bathroom and kitchen provided in all combinations. The second unit will be open for inspection in about five weeks and the main group may be available by the first of the year.

The project began in the spring of 1948 and is under the supervision of Irving B. Parkhurst, University Director of Buildings and Grounds.