Varsity Prepares for Brown With Offense, Defense Drills

The varsity football team got down to serious work yesterday in preparation for Saturday's Brown game, as the defensive platoons scrimmaged freshmen running Bruin winged-T plays and the offensive units polished their plays against dummies.

Coach Art Valpey devoted the bulk of his time at the practice to seeking a replacement for Chuck Walsh, who broke his leg Saturday against Princeton and will be out for the rest of the season. Valpey has brought Hugh Edmonds up from the Jayvees in an effort to find a new second string offensive quarterback to replace Walsh.

Rip Engle, Brown coach, yesterday said that his 242 pound tackle Don Colo played the best game Saturday that any Brown man has played in his eight years on the coaching staff.

Engle said that the Brown team that will come into the stadium this Saturday is confidently preparing for the game and with Colo and guard Chernak playing "marvelous football" Brown is in pretty good shape.

Valpey is also seeking someone to take over Walsh's role as extra point kicker. He had Fred Ravreby and John White practicing place kicks yesterday. The coach still was not sure yesterday whether Chief Bender or Don Cass would be able to play Saturday against Brown.