Vilfan Speaks on Yugoslavia today

Jose Vilfan, Yugoslavian delegate to the United Nations, will speak on the problems facing Yugoslavia at 8 p.m. tonight in Emerson D.

Vilfan, who will appear under the auspices of the Liberal Union, has not defined the exact nature of his talk, but according to Leland J. Schoen '52, publicity director for the HLU, he will discuss Yugoslavia's relations with Russia and the United States in international affairs.

Robert L. Wolff, visiting lecturer in History from the University of Wisconsin, will also speak at the meeting. Wolff worked on OSS operations in Yugoslavia during the war and is expected by Schoen to comment on Tito's position in Yugoslavian politics.

Merle Fainsod, professor of Government, will chair the meeting and will lead the audience discussion period following the talks.