Deans Reject Pleas to Ease Parking Bans

Reynolds Hints Further Action May Be Taken; Says Student Cars Help 'Create Confusion'

The Council of Deans has rejected a joint Student Council and Graduate Student Council request to lift the ban on night parking on University property, Edward Reynolds '15, administrative vice-president, announced last night.

In a statement to the Student Welfare Committee of the Student Council and the Parking Committee of the Graduate Student Council, Reynolds said:

"It is the unanimous opinion of the group of deans most concerned that the keeping of automobiles in Cambridge by undergraduates while attending College is not essential and should be considered a luxury, and that the College is under no obligation to make provision to facilitate keeping cars here. Therefore the Administration will continue its policy of not allowing students to park on University property.

Cars 'Nuisance'

"Furthermore, the number of students now keeping cars here is providing such confusion as to be something of a nuisance, tending to get worse rather than better. Further action designed to discourage students from keeping cars in Cambridge while in College is being considered and may be discussed at some future meeting of the Council of Deans."

Thomas A. Unverferth '51, spokesman for the Student Welfare Committee, said his group interpreted Reynolds's last statement to mean that the University is contemplating some positive action regarding student-owned cars and would wait until the Council of Deans moves before announcing its future plans.

Unverferth commented that the University's unwillingness to lift the ban seems to stem from a belief that current available parking areas were insufficient parking areas were insufficient to accommodate all students owning cars and was unwilling to put itself in the position of favoring a few.

Representing the Student Welfare Committee along with Unverferth were co-chairmen Henry Silvera '51 and Albert Carter '50. Frank Parker, 2G acted for the Graduate Student Council.