Fulbright Award's Deadlines Extended, Monro Discloses

An extension of the closing date for applications for Fulbright Awards in certain countries was announced yesterday by the Conference Board of Associated Research Councils of Washington, D.C.

Two weeks ago, John U. Monro '34, chairman of the Fulbright Committee, announced the closing of applications for the United States Government Grants for Graduate Study Abroad established under the Fulbright Act.

The scholarships are presented every year to "American citizens who hold a college degree or its equivalent, and who possess a knowledge of the country in which they propose to study sufficient to carry on their study and research.'

Since then, however, Monro has received work from the Conference Board that few or no applications had been received for certain opportunities in some of the participating countries by December 1, and the Board has been notified of several new openings. The new deadline rule is the postmarking of applications not later than December 31.

Positions for graduate teaching, study, and research are still available in Burma, Greece, Italy and the Phillipines, and special category awards for the United Kingdom.

There will be no change, according to Monro, in the previously announced closing date for applications for awards in Belgium, Luxembourg, France, the Netherlands, Norway, and New Zealand, and for the most of the awards in the United Kingdom. This competition was closed on November 30. The remaining United Kingdom positions are for specialists in particular fields.

Requests for forms and detailed information about the openings still available may be sent to the Conference Committee.

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