Salzburg Group Names Four Men To 1950 Positions

Four students gained appointments to the 1950 committee of the Salzburg Seminar, after a meeting of the Seminar staff last night.

The are: Leonard C. Gordon '51 of Mansfield, Ohic, and Lowell House; John B. Jones, Jr. '50 of Radnor, Pennsylvania, and Winthrop House; Ray W. Karras '51 of Santa Monica, California, and Winthrop House; and Charles H. F. Meade '51 of Crozet, Virginia, and Dunster House.

Later this week, the four will choose among themselves for the positions of assistant treasurer, director of publicity, transportation, and supplies.

Ten Week Contest

They were appointed by the present staff of the Seminar, after a ten-week elimination period. There were originally 76 applicants for the four positions.

The winners will go to Austria this summer to work with the yearly Seminar at Schloss Leopoldskron, near Salzburg. Their first work this winter will be to help raise the money the Seminar needs for this year's operations.

Fresh Blood

The posts they take are rotated every year among Harvard undergraduates; the staff is operated on the "fresh blood" principle, changing each year.

Among the permanent members of the Salzburg staff is the executive director, John Finch, professor of English at Dartmouth. Most of the permanent members of the staff are Harvard men, although many of the professors who do the actual teaching at the Seminar come from other colleges.