College to Waive Tuition Payments For 7 NSA DP's

Provest Buck is willing to waive tuition for seven displaced persons to enter the College next fall, Edward F. LaCroix '48, a National Student Association committee member, reported last night.

The NSA must provide room and board for the DP students either by finding local families willing to support them or by asking student help, LaCroix said. In addition, each student will be assigned a job through the Student Employment Office.

The College, however, has "guaranteed to be hardboiled" about admission requirements, according to LaCroix. Each DP must be able to speak English well and must pass aptitude tests before he can be admitted. He also must be proved psychologically sound. Various relief organizations will screen the DPs for the NSA program.

The University refused, however, to waive tuition for DPs in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and right now it looks as though the NSA has failed in this field.

LaCroix estimates that the NSA must raise about $600 for each DP.