Sextet Faces Dartmouth In Crucial Arena Game

Team Scarches for Pentagonal League Honors; Hanoverians Favored; Game Begins 8:30

Director of Athletics William J. Bingham '16 has requested all students attending tonight's game to refrain from throwing beer cans on the ice, molesting the referees, or causing interruption of the game in any way. Such conduct, the referees have stated, will cause immediate forfeiture of the game to Dartmouth.

The varsity hockey team meets Dartmouth tonight at the Arena in what is undoubtedly the most important game of the season for both teams.

To the winner will probably go the Pentagonal League title for 1949, the dubious honor of playing an as yet unidentified Canadian team, and an invitation to compete in the March NCAA hockey tournament at Colorado.

Despite its loss to the Crimson, Dartmouth is rated a slight favorite. The veteran Indians, hampered early in the season by a lack of ice, snapped out of their slump on January 22 against Yale, and have since gained successive wins against Boston University, Boston College, McGill, and Princeton.

But since its 8 to 5 over Dartmouth in January, the varsity has also greatly improved in teamwork, condition, and speed. This, plus the return of Low Preston, has raised Harvard hopes.

The Riley brothers of Medford and the Dartmouth first line hold the key to tonight's game. These two gentlemen a center (Bill) and a right winger (Job) have done the majority of Dartmouth scoring this season. The Indian line has accounted for 97 goals and or assists in 11 games.

If the Crimson first line of Captain Dave Key, Low Proston, and Bill Garrity can either hold down the Rileys' scoring or match them goal for goal, the varsity has a better than-even chance.

Injured Men Back

Both teams will be "up" for this one Dartmouth flattened Princeton 12-2 Saturday, while the varsity shut out Army, 11-0. The Indians are in perfect shape, and Coach Chase will have the services of all his previously injured men--Garrity, Jock Carman, Preston, and A1 Key.

At 8:30 p.m., some three to five thousand people are expected at the Arena to witness the game.

The probable lineups:

HARVARD    DARTMOUTHClark  g  Desmond (Capt)Carman  ld  ThayerGreeley  rd  BaileyKey, D. (Capt)  c  Riley, W.Preston  lw  ChoukasGarrity  rw  Riley, J