'Spring Rioting' by Mob Marks Lampoon's Rally

1000 Spectators Cheer, Throw Things as Pink-Shirted Crew Sets Up 'State of Lampoon'

More than a thousand cheering spectators gathered yesterday afternoon in front of the Lampoon Building, and threw water and sawdust around as the Lampoon "seceded from the civilized world."

The gathering, reminiscent of the pro-war spring riots, was observed but not hindered by both Yard and Cambridge police. Also in the crowd were increasingly large numbers of local urchins who reveled in the water-bomb throwing and the magnificent sawdust fight which culminated the affair.

Broadcast Feud

The official proceedings, broadcast over the 'Poon's public address system, were somewhat marred by rival CRIMSON loudspeakers established in adjoining Adams and Lowell rooms. Later, after the members of the newly-formed "State of Lampoon" had retired behind their barbed wire and sawdust sack fortifications, these barricades were breached by a determined charge, which reached the front door of the building and obtained half of the "State of Lampoon" banner before the cessation of hostilities.


The "programme" began before a rapidly-growing crowd at 2 p.m. as the Lampoon force of pink-shirted, black-helmeted militia armed with wooden rifles and backed up by a jeep bearing a beer keg set off on a demonstration march around Lowell and the Block-house.

Cannon Blasts

When the pinkshirts returned, the official speeches began, punctuated by blasts on the 'Poon's toy cannon.

Then came the climactic announcement of secession from the civilized world and the release of the "Ceremonial Dove"--apparently a plain Yard pigeon--which was countered by release of several dozen balloons and a great deal of water from Adams House.

The sawdust sacks which formed part of the Lampy defenses were broken open as the barricades were demolished by the first of several charges, and spectators and combatants became covered.

Final Attack

When the last barbed wire was pulled away the attackers crowded up the front steps, and finally forced the 'Poonsters indoors without their banner, ending the whole affair.

Late last night, all that was left at Row and Mt. Auburn sts. were plies of sawdust all over the pavement and a few forlorn "State of Lampoon" parking signs